18 November, Liverpool

Venue: Lutyens Crypt Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

Speakers at Hit Hot Topics talked of dilemmas, frustrations and being on the wrong side of the law. But what shone from their talks was the bravery, resilience, determination and clear purpose in making life (a lot) better for their peers. Some of them made uneasy choices and compromised their own safety. Others are struggling through the disappointments and setbacks of funding cuts that make no sense when held against the evidence. We have to hope that cost-effectiveness will be weighed up in human terms.

Side Events

The full experience goes beyond just the conference

As always with our conference we are arranging side events both the evening before and the evening of the conference. We know from speaking to you all every year that these are some of the most important social times of the year and often are the only times we get to be around so many like-minded people.

You can attend these events even if you are not attending the conference.

Harm Reduction Cafe

Venue: The Pen Factory, 13 Hope St, Liverpool L1 9BQ

HIT’s Harm Reduction Cafés are a major part of our conferences. The café event is held the night before the conference with people attending from all around the world to catch up with friends, network, chat and most importantly enjoy themselves.

Many of our conference speakers also attend the café, so this is always an amazing opportunity to really get to know each other in a more relaxed environment.

Cavern Club (Live Lounge)


Our annual Cavern Club charity event is where the HIT team finally get to relax and enjoy ourselves. Always featuring the Sensational HIT Soul Band and one or two other invited bands, this is a night of music in one of the most famous venues in the world. We know that for many people who come to our conference each year this is the highlight of the events!

Acts playing this year:

  • The Sensational HIT Soul Band
  • The Tenements
  • Red Medusa
  • Crook District

Women of Substance

Photography art project

On 4 October 2020 our friend and colleague Gill Bradbury died unexpectedly while on holiday in Crete. Gill had been part of the work HIT does for years, she was a trainer, nurse, conference speaker and friend. Gill was a major part of the harm reduction community both in the UK and internationally, so we want to honour her at this, our first event since her death.

Shortly before she died, Gill sent HIT an outline for an art project focused on women in the harm reduction movement. We want your help to make this project a reality in tribute to Gill.


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